The Original Image

Creative references were once reserved to whatever we could find in a print publication or a library but the times have changed. The advent of the Internet gave us all an equal chance to connect with the world and in the process created the world’s biggest archive of references. No matter what you fancy, whether it be interior design, custom flooring, cars or sports, the Internet is filled with social media applications that can provide just that.

From IG to Houzz, Angie’s List to Architectural Digest, there’s a wealth of information by which we can share — or seek — inspiration.  Like many of you, I’ve spent my fair share of the day scouring IG for inspiration and  a few days ago ran across an image (pictured above) of a custom zig zag staircase that inspired me. Made of a dark colored wood, it looked more like a piece of art than it did a staircase and I was blown away.

Inspired by what I had seen, I had an urge to reimagine the same stair case in a dark marble so here it is:

Stairs Reimagined in Dark Emperor Marble.

To be honest, there’s something warm and comforting about the wooden version of the stairs, but in marble, it creates a majestic feeling that’s bold and luxe. I’m actually really eager to bring this project to fruition, but as I type this entry, and remember all the jobs I have to finish, it looks like it may have to be put on hold – at least for now.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog and be sure to check back for additional updates and news.

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