My client in San Diego wanted to do a bathroom renovation and the project not only turned into one of my favorite projects, but an eye-opening experience that made me appreciate – in a weird way – traveling.

Like most people, I love traveling, but not for the reasons most do. I’m not a fan of waiting in lines, I don’t like crowded areas and when it comes to sight seeing, well it’s safe to say that I’m a party pooper.

The soaking tub at the Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

The one thing I will tell you is that I’m a sucker for nice hotels. It’s not that I’m bougie or expect the best, but I do enjoy the hospitality as much as I do the architecture and design. To be honest, I’ve got an eagle’s eye for attention and I’m obsessed with luxury bathrooms. I like to see what they’ve done, how they’ve designed it and as of late I’ve been super obsessed with open-air bathroom concepts.

A warm and inviting open air bathroom at the Bambu Indah in Bali, Indonesia

My infatuation with open air concepts for bathrooms started about a decade ago. At the time I had a client request that I  finish their bathroom with natural lava rock and upon my arrival I was stunned to see that the client had the roof above the restroom removed. The bathroom was only 60-square feet and had a toilet and a sink. And to be honest,  I was baffled as to why anyone would want to do that but after completing the project I was sold – and rather amused.

The sunken glass tub at the Six Sense Laamu in Maldives

The open air concept prevented the bathroom from smelling (an opinion formulated from personal use) and when I asked the client want prompted him to create such a thing, his response was priceless. “I wanted a smoke room, but my house was too small and my wife wasn’t about to give up her crafts room. In a joke she told me to use the spare bathroom and that’s when the idea hit me. Why not make our spare bathroom into a smoking room and the only way I knew how was to remove the roof.”

Since that day I’ve been obsessed with the open-air concept and to be honest, it really does provide a cool experience that’s unmatched. Of course, living in San Diego helps, but it’s a concept that i can only recommend if you’ve got a bathroom to spare and live in a locale that doesn’t have frequent rain.





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