Marble, granite and travertine have long been the trend for custom flooring but ceramic tile is preparing for a comeback. It was a little over a decade ago that ceramic tiles lost their steam,  but recent advances in ceramic tile manufacturing  has positioned them as  formidable competitors looking to take their crown back.

As is, ceramic tile is easier to maintain and more stain resistant than competing natural stones, but it is their cost-effectiveness, better thermal properties and better shock resistance that’s getting the industry talking.  While marble and other precious stones will continue to be the marquee of custom homes, many homeowners are opting for the hassle-free convenience of ceramic tile.

San Diego Loft: Ceramic tile that is imprinted with a marble look. Looks good right?

While these factors have contributed to the resurgence of its popularity, ceramic tile manufacturers are also offering screen-printed finishes which mimic the likes of marble, granite and even wood. Currently, the residential ceramic tile industry stands at a whopping 36 billion dollars as a whole, and much of it is owed to new styles which are suitable for both floor and wall coverings. Due to its cost-effectiveness, ceramic tile has flooded the commercial market when it comes to shopping malls and new store renovations and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Faux ceramic tile that looks like weathered wood planks

In addition, the advent of germ and stain resistant ceramic tiles is creating quite the buzz, and market valuations indicates that the industry is due for a huge upswing in 2024. Included in that forecast is the pivotal use of ceramic wall tiles to cover walls. From kitchen back splashes to accessory walls and libraries, ceramic tile has become the material of choice for those looking to have custom flooring at a fraction of the cost. Both heat and sunlight resistant, the proper choice of ceramic tile is sure to give your makeover the visual energy it needs.

Ceramic tile planks with a wood finish make for the perfect outdoor deck.

So as the flooring industry continues to grow, we’re excited to see how manufacturers will infuse technology and creativity into the development of even more options. And with the North American ceramic tile market valued at over USD 1.4 billion (as of 2015), only time will tell just how much bigger they can get.

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