Completed in 2017 by Openbox Architects, this architectural masterpiece was designed to play with your visual senses by utilizing natural light and its reflective properties against marble – or what appears to be marble.

Yes you read that right. Those towering slabs of “marble” are actually large-scale, light weight tiles which have been printed with a marble finish and laid over a brick wall. This was done to achieve the marble look, while cutting costs with a material that would actually act as weather cladding to help keep the home cool during the day.

Located in Thailand, the residence has been coined the “Marble House”, and was designed to appear as if the dwelling had been carved into a monolithic marble sculpture. By shifting the linear and non-linear planes of the home, they are able to give the residence a sense of depth while subduing it’s imposing stature.

The Marble House also features private balconies, as well as a rooftop terrace with “open pockets” which provide the owners with a “private sky.” With natural light radiating throughout the home, it leaves for an airy and relaxing ambiance that is hard to beat. When directly facing the home, windows are not apparent, but step to the side and they appear. This design cue helps contribute to the form of the home while allowing entry of natural light.

In all, the minimal aesthetics of the home provides distraction free viewing thus allowing on lookers to admire the hard angular lines and elegant material selection. It’s also a great example of modern architecture, and a design that takes full advantage of the best natural resource available to us – light.

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